【Surely it will work (171 minutes)】 An inspiring Indian movie


Introducing the Indian movie “3 Idiots”!

time is 171 minutes, long. .. ..

But I’m attracted to the jacket photo and title. .. ..

I hadn’t seen it, but I saw it the other day, so please review it!

Have you ever been to a curry shop open to Indians in Japan? 🍛

If you have a TV, you can see videos of dancing all the time.

This movie is …

There are some scenes like that, but the story is more important than I expected.

Also, I think it’s India, but the scenery that comes out is beautiful and I want to go there

What kind of movie is it …

What do you want to value in your life?

Money, status, public appearance, fame, NO, 1, big house, expensive car, educational background, expensive clothes, marriage etc …?

It is something that gives you courage while reconsidering such things.

How do you live in one life?

The question of the movie (story) is

What is important in life? (What do you really like?)

No one knows the future (think what you need to think about)

Will follow you later (don’t be too scared and have the courage)

I will throw that.

Energizing movie

The content is

Laughter, dance, tears, theme song, friendship, love, harassment, questioning, social satire, etc.

Because I draw various things

I think it’s fun for all generations

I feel that it is especially recommended for adults, as well as elementary, junior high, high school, and college students.

Story (a little spoiler)

A happy news will be posted on the promised day “September 5th” ☎

After graduating from university, “I found my best friend (hero Rancho)” who disappeared suddenly

Two old friends (Falhan and Raju) who have been wanting to meet for 10 years

I’m so happy that I stop the plane and go on a trip with just one pair of pants, and the start of slapstick

While I was in the car looking for a rancho, I was reminiscing about my college life at that time

Demonstrate “courage at that time” even in a certain event in the real world

“Is that okay?” “What can I do?” “Let’s be honest” “I’m sure it will work”

I will jump into my chest.

Perhaps because this movie is long, there was an interval in the middle (laughs)

I finally found Rancho! ??

But something happens there!

Will it be “ALL is Well ♪” at the end?

Movie information

[Basic] Published in India in 2009 (Released in Japan in 2013) / Energetic and wanting to reconsider

[Director] Mr. Large Kumar-Hirani

[Cast] Mr. Aamir Khan (the person in the center of the photo)

 Indians named “100 Most Influential People in the World” by American Time Magazine

  Bill Gates (Microsoft Founder) Aspired to Meet

[Awards] Indian Academy Awards (16 awards): The biggest hit in Indian history

What kind of person is it for?

“I’m doing what I want to do, but I wonder if it’s okay as it is now.”

I haven’t decided what I want to do, what should I do? “

If you think that way,

I think it’s a story that pushes your back.


Isn’t it a movie with a common theme?

Reality doesn’t work as well as movies, right?

Maybe, but what about?

It is up to you to decide how to live.

Although each person has a different age, this moment is the youngest day.

At that time, we should be able to change how we live from that day.

I think “everything can be shaved for 3 days”

Do it for 3 days, skip it, do it again for 3 days, skip it, do it again for 3 days … ∞

I think that’s fine.

Because we are making steady progress (laughs)

After watching this movie

I failed to take the university entrance exam for two years (two years), but at that time I was always in my heart.

I remembered saying, “I’m sure there is something good.”

Sometimes you can think and learn in the real world

I think there is a lot to be learned from movies

I have finished watching

I thought, “Well, what should I do?” …

I hope this movie review and this work will give you some hints!

ALL is Well (うーまくいーくー)♪

see you🦒